Cognitive Clarity Inc. Expands Successful Product Line with Launch of Percepta Professional™ at the 26th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine 2018

Edmonds, WA, – December 13, 2018 – Cognitive Clarity Inc., the creators of Percepta®, the world’s first plant-based supplement targeting the accumulation of brain plaques and tangles in normal aging, today announced the extension of its product line with the release of Percepta Professional™, a nootropic formulation that physicians can now share with patients interested in improving memory and slowing cognitive decline.

“In pre-clinical studies, three months of treatment with the main ingredient in Percepta Professional™ led to a 58% reduction in brain plaque load and a 57% improvement in short-term memory,” stated Dr. Alan Snow, CEO of Cognitive Clarity Inc., and creator of Percepta®. Dr. Snow continued, “These findings are significant and validate the premise that reducing brain plaques and/or tangles leads to improvement in memory. Also significant is the fact that these results were achieved for the first time with a plant-based nootropic supplement.”

The mechanism of action of Percepta Professional™ involves powerful polyphenols and active proanthocyanidins that enter the brain within minutes of being in the blood. Percepta Professional™ ingredients are believed to interact with brain plaques and tangles directly-causing their reduction and clearance and promoting improved memory support.

How Do Brain Plaques and Tangles Impact Our Memory as We Age?
The accumulation of brain plaques and tangles leads to memory loss by blocking connections between neurons in the brain that are critical for short-term memory. To remember a thought, neurons must connect from different parts of the brain. Accumulation of brain plaques and tangles erodes these connections causing a slowing or impairment of memory recall and short-term memory. Clearing out or reducing brain plaques and tangles has been shown to cause memory improvement and a slowing of normal age-related cognitive decline.

Cognitive Clarity Inc. announced the launch of its newest product at the 26th Annual World Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in Las Vegas, Nevada where founder Dr. Alan Snow will give a presentation on his extensive research of Cat’s claw and its role in fighting brain plaques and tangles and memory improvement, on Thursday, December 14th, 2018 at 1pm pacific.

About Percepta Professional™
Percepta Professional™ is a breakthrough plant-based dietary supplement containing three ingredients, patented PTI-00703® Cat’s claw from the Amazon rain forest, MemorTea®, a specific oolong tea extract from the mountains of China, and a specific black currant extract from the European frontier. Percepta Professional™ and its individual ingredients have been rigorously and scientifically tested for specific targeting of brain plaques and tangles. The science of the Percepta® product line is backed by over 50 issued patents and decades of scientific research. To learn more about Percepta®, and Percepta Professional™, the first plant-based nootropics that target the real reason we lose memory as we age, please go to:

About Cognitive Clarity Inc.
The Company is involved in research and development of a line of memory supplements that target brain plaques and tangles that accumulate during normal aging. The company was co-founded by two of the world’s top brain aging researchers, Dr. Alan Snow and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, in 2015 and is headquartered in Edmonds, WA, USA.

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