Brain health is on the minds of millions of Americans. Click through our helpful videos and text FAQs below to learn more about Percepta® and to pick up some insightful tips as well.


Brain health is on the minds of millions of Americans. Click through our helpful videos and text FAQs below to learn more about Percepta® and to pick up some insightful tips as well.
What is PTI-00703® cat’s claw and how is this form of cat’s claw unique to Percepta®?

PTI-00703® cat’s claw is a proprietary aqueous extract obtained from the Peruvian rain forest woody vine (also known as Uncaria tomentosa or Una de gato). This slow-growing woody vine is indigenous to the Amazon rain forest and other tropical areas of South and Central America. It is referred to as cat’s claw due to its distinctive claw-like thorns, which project from the base of its leaves. The plant, Uncaria tomentosa can take up to 20 years to reach maturity and can grow 100 feet in length as it attaches and wraps around itself and the native trees. The woody vine regrows so this plant provides a renewable source of an amazing ingredient that is part of Percepta®.

In the past, cat’s claw was sold in the Peruvian market place as bark bundles to make a tea that was found to have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of oxindole alkaloids. However, the main ingredients in the proprietary PTI-00703® cat’s claw extract found by our research teams was not due to the alkaloid fraction, but to another potent ingredient discovered by our team identified to be the main component responsible for potent “plaque and tangle” dissolving activity.

Our research teams have discovered the presence of specific polyphenols that contribute to the robust “plaque and tangle” inhibitory activity that will soon be published and shared with the rest of the world. The secret sauce behind PTI-00703® cat’s claw in Percepta® is “the source.” We specifically tested at least 10 different sources (companies) that produce cat’s claw bark extract via different modes of extraction and concentration, for direct activity in reducing brain “plaques” and “tangles.” PTI-00703® cat’s claw is the secret source from a distinct producer of cat’s claw that contains the most robust “plaque and tangle” reducing activity than has ever been seen. It is different from other cat’s claw products in the marketplace today because it has been scientifically tested and formulated to target brain “plaques and tangles,” the real reason we lose memory as we normally age.*

PTI-00703® cat’s claw is much different than other forms of cat’s claw in the marketplace today. Over 10 different commercial preparations of cat’s claw from around the world were directly analyzed for their ability to inhibit/ reduce “plaques and tangles.” The source of PTI-00703® cat’s claw was critical to the potent effects observed in inhibiting and reducing “plaques and tangles.” Over 50 patents have been issued pertaining to this amazing technology.

What is MemorTea®?

MemorTea® is a specific oolong tea extract identified for its “plaque and tangle” reducing activity, and is the second major component in Percepta®. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s different polyphenols were identified from a variety of sources that were thought to be important for improving normal brain aging and memory loss. These included polyphenols found in green tea; curcumin (Indian spice); resveratrol (found in red wine); and those found in grape seed extract.

In the late 2000’s, we tested a variety of different teas and their polyphenol content to target brain “plaques and tangles.” This included the testing of green tea, oolong tea and black tea. We discovered that a specific oolong tea (referred now as MemorTea®) contained the most robust “plaque and tangle” reducing activity we had ever seen. By this time, we had tested the activity of oolong tea extract from at least 10 different companies throughout the world. The secret source of MemorTea® was found to produce the most robust “plaque and tangle” reducing activity from anything found before, and makes up the second major ingredient in Percepta®.

Why are there only 2 ingredients in Percepta®?

Our research teams made a startling discovery with regards to the combination of different dietary ingredients and their relationship to affecting brain “plaques and tangles.” The common notion out there is that adding “more ingredients” in a variety of brain health products will have a “synergistic” or “additive” affect. For example, many of the brain health nutraceutical products in the market place today contain 5, 10, 15 and sometimes more than 20 ingredients that are supposed to affect different parts of the brain, improve memory and cognition etc. Our research found this belief not to be “scientifically” true. In fact, in many studies, we discovered that by adding more nutraceutical ingredients, together, actually caused certain nutraceutical ingredients that were effective alone – to be “ineffective” when placed in combination with other nutraceutical ingredients. What was happening in “combination nutraceutical ingredients” for the brain was “an elimination effect”—adding more ingredients actually causes certain ingredients “to be inhibited” and “stop working.”

Another problem with multi-nutraceutical ingredients for brain health, was that adding more ingredients in very small quantities (50mg or less), does nothing to the combination, since many of these ingredients will be absorbed, never cross the blood-brain-barrier, and actually never reach the brain.

Percepta® with only 2 ingredients was found to markedly inhibit and reduce brain “plaques and tangles” in a number of different in vitro and animal model studies. The science behind the product shows that a major ingredient in cat’s claw discovered by our research team gets into the brain within 2 minutes after being in the blood. In addition, we maximized the effect by only having 2 major ingredients in Percepta® that are synergistic and maximize the effects on the target (brain “plaques and tangles”).

How is Percepta® different from any other brain health supplement?

There is a remarkable synergistic effect by having the specific combination of PTI-00703® cat’s claw and MemorTea® — which on their own can inhibit and reduce “plaques and tangles”.

Our research teams have tested and identified the best source of cat’s claw and oolong tea extract –which have been specifically studied to target brain “plaques and tangles” and improve memory as you normally age. The secret source of each of the two major ingredients in Percepta® have been identified, and Cognitive Clarity Inc. (the producers of Percepta®) hold the exclusive rights with each of these companies to produce PTI-00703® cat’s claw and MemorTea®, exclusive for the Percepta® brand.

The two ingredients are maximized in a daily serving of two capsules (total of 750mg) to have a maximum effect on reducing brain “plaques and tangles” and memory enhancement in the normal aging brain.

No other brain nutraceutical in the world contains PTI-00703®cat’s claw and MemorTea® that have been backed by over 15 years of science and over 50 issued patents.

Will Percepta® work by itself?

Yes we believe Percepta® will support and improve memory as you normally age within 3-6 months after taking the product.

How do I know if Percepta® is working for me? will have simple and specific memory tests (the first for brain health memory supplements) that will allow our customers to monitor the progress of their memory health while taking Percepta®.

Has PTI-00703® cat’s claw research ever been published or presented at scientific meetings?

Presentations/abstracts related to PTI-00703® and its ingredients have been presented at neuroscience related meetings throughout the world.

How many issued patents pertain to Percepta® and its proprietary ingredients?

Over 50 issued patents in the USA and internationally have been issued related to Percepta® ingredients and its technology.


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The first nootropic to target the real reason we lose memory as we age.*

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